EMC/RF Chamber
OTA /Passive Antenna Chamber (MVG-Satimo)
mmWave Test Range (MVG-OrbitFR)
RF Safety (MVG)
Measurement Service
Absorbing Material
System Integration Service & Software Design
Shielding box for wireless and GPS application
Shielding & Conductive product
A. Shielding Performance Tests to Shielding Enclosure Alone or for Chamber
Shielding Effectiveness Tests as per MIL STD 285( Replaced by IEEE-STD-299 ) & EN 50 147 - 1
  B. Normalize Site Attenuation Tests (NSA)
The tests as per CISPR 16-1-4, VCCI V3, EN 50147-2 and ANSI C63.4
C. VSWR Tests (1-18GHz Chamber Qualification)
The tests as per CISPR 16-1-4