EMC/RF Chamber
OTA /Passive Antenna Chamber (MVG-Satimo)
mmWave Test Range (MVG-OrbitFR)
RF Safety (MVG)
Measurement Service
Absorbing Material
System Integration Service & Software Design
Shielding box for wireless and GPS application
Shielding & Conductive product
Shielding Box For Wireless
  1. 氣動 / 手動 可選開關裝置
  2. 客戶指定訂製
  3. Pneumatic / Manual type available.
  4. Customized Shielding Box
Shielding Box and System For GPS Test
  1. 施工, 安裝方便, 室內免配線。
  2. 有效距離內 可安裝多台測試點, 測試點
    可依不同需求移動/改變位置, 不必另外配線。
  3. 直接利用現有衛星訊號, 不必添購其他
    儀器設備, 購置成本低, 適合生產線測試檢驗。
  1. Easy to setup and installation, wireless solution.
  2. In operational application range, several portable test station workable, no need to have any
    wire connection required.
  3. The source signal from satellite, no need to buy any simulations. Low cost for mass
    production application.